Top Ten Rules

Competition will run over a calendar year.

Members will submit their list of 10 nominated species to the weigh master in writing (email is acceptable)

Fish may not be registered for the competition until the list of nominated species has been received by the weighmaster.

Winner will be angler who catches the greatest number of their ten nominated species.

To be eligible fish must be caught under ANSA Division 1, 2, 3 & 7  (Sportfishing, Lurefishing, Flyfishing & All Tackle) fishing rules and in line class divisions as applied by the TSFC club by-laws. 

To be eligible fish must be n accordance with all legal length restrictions and any seasonal closures.

Fish can be registered whether caught during monthly competition weigh-ins or outside of those competitions. For fish caught during monthly competitions the angler will indicate whether fish is to be registered for inclusion in the Top Ten comp by marking the “Top ten” field on the Monthly Competition Sheet.

For fish caught outside of monthly competitions evidence of catch is to be presented to weigh master in the form of a photograph of the catch on a brag mat or similar so as to indicate the fish’s length.  Fish may subsequently be released if wished.

All fish weighed in during monthly competitions will also be measured.

Fish can be upgraded throughout the course of the year if a larger specimen is subsequently caught.

For the purposes of upgrading, where a non –specific fish species is nominated the first fish registered will define the specific species. That is, if nominated species is Mackerel and first mackerel registered is a School Mackerel, a Spanish Mackerel  can not subsequently be used to upgrade the catch. Anglers however can specifically nominate different sub-species if desired. 

In the event of a tie for the number of fish caught, the winner will be determined by the angler who has the largest number of fish that exceed the ANSA “Master Length” as defined in the ANSA Qld Rulebook, ie 1.5 x times legal length.

In the event that a tie still exists, the winner will be determined by the angler who has the highest percentage of total length of fish caught against ANSA trophy length, ie:

Total length of fish caught x 100

Total ANSA MasterLength