One of the most important aspects of the club is its membership of ANSA. In order to be a club member one has also to be a financial member of ANSA, this covers individual membership with an insurance cover and allows individuals the opportunity to be able to claim - state national and world records, it also teaches the principles of fishing with Sport, Conservation and Integrity in mind.

ANSA is at the forefront of recreational sportfishing policy making bodies and continues to push for a better deal for recreational fishers to allow us to continue to enjoy our sport.

The name of the association (Australian National Sportsfishing Association) may give the impression that to be a member one needs to be a "sports" fisho and only use light lines. Many club members choose not to fish competitively or prefer to use heavier line. To fish with light line or to be competitive within the rules and guidelines of the association is purely a personal choice, no pressure is exerted on members to fish in any particular way.

For club competitions the club uses line classes 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 ,15 kilo line and an All Tackle division.

Club competitions are organised once a month on a pre- determined yearly calendar. Comps range from lure fishing only to land based, fresh water or estuary fishing, which caters for all different fishing styles.

This system ensures that no particular type of Fisho is given any advantage over another style or method.

The club also meets twice a month once for a general meeting, the other being a tackle night, where members participate in discussions or lectures on a wide range of topics ranging from fly tying to Outboard maintenance to camping and 4x wheel driving .

The club caters for many different types of angler from both the beginner to the die hard expert, it is an extremely family friendly Club with a number of the families involved at the initiation of the Club, still participating. The Club has seen many kids growing to adulthood and are still actively involved with the club.

This alone is testament to providing a stable and consistent environment for the youth of today.

An invitation:  Come as a visitor

If you wish to improve your casting skills, fishing techniques, enjoy social activities and seek the company of happy but serious minded fisher persons, then the Townsville Sportfishing Club is the organization for you. We are sure you will enjoy becoming a member.

If you would like to come to some Club events as a visitor before joining, come and join us at one of our monthly meetings.
Use the Contact us link to request more information.

The Club is managed by a Committee and all members operate under a Constitution, a set of Competition Rules and a Code of Ethics.

The Club believes it has a role in passing on its member's comments and experience in commenting on important issues affecting recreational fishing in Queensland.

The Club welcomes all members from all walks of life, any gender and culture.

We look forward to talking and hopefully meeting with you soon.